What Cymbal Doctor offer is a non-stressful, precision engineering method of cymbal repair using no heat or abrasive tooling.
We are the most competitively priced cymbal repair service in the UK. Prices quoted are all inclusive and cover return shipping.

We Do Not Drill

Drilling at the end of a crack we have found only works in the short term as the vibrations/reverberations created after striking the cymbal will always find the weak point (normally at the drill point where the vibrations will work against each other) and continue the cracking further into the cymbal. Read more

We Do Not Grind

Cutting or grinding out a wide cut will unbalance a cymbal, severely effecting the sound and will make the area on the opposite, now heavier side of the cymbal prone to nearly all of the playing strikes delivered. This will also put added stress on the bell of the cymbal. Read more

We Do Not Braze

We have found brazing dulls the sound of a cymbal as the brazed area acts as a dampener and won’t allow the cymbal to shimmer or reverberate after being struck, as the instrument was intended. The heat generated using this process also permanently discolours the cymbal. Read more