Happy Customers

Paiste 24" 2002 Ride Cymbal Clean (pictures on top and second row) and Paiste Signature 20" Crash reduced to 18" (pictures on second row).

"BRILLIANT!!!!!!! I can't wait to play them over the weekend gigs! Thank you so much. I am absolutely speechless, the work is staggeringly good. You must be invited to lots of parties because turning water into wine is far easier than cleaning the Paiste 24" 2002 Ride cymbal I sent you! I will be recommending you to all my Drummer friends as the service and value you offer is truly fantastic!".

Paul "Fletch" Fletcher, Midlands
TRX 16" Crash. O-Zoned.( Pictures 10). PAISTE 18" Signature Dark Energy Crash reduces to 17" because of crack.

"Just got home and almost immediately got a knock on the door from the courier. Had a very big grin on my face when I opened the package! First impressions are very good. I can see the work has been done to a very high standard and they sound great!

Two of my damaged cymbals have just been treated to the Cymbal Doctor service. One had an edge crack (Paiste Signature 18" Dark Energy Crash) and the other a split on the bow (TRX 16" Crash). They were very helpful in explaining how their procedures work and how best to treat each cymbal before I sent them off. I have just received the finished articles and it feels like having two brand new cymbals in my tool box! I now have a fantastic O-zone crash (TRX) and a fully functioning crash cymbal. The work has clearly been done to a very high standard and the results speak for themselves ( Please view pictures). I would recommend Cymbal Doctor to anyone. I have had a few gigs with them now and I'm very pleased. They both sound fantastic and just so pleased to have them back in working order. I think the service you are providing is good on so many levels. Instead of spending £200+ on one new crash, I have the use of two again for less than half the price. They are also very unique and beautiful sounding. Thirdly, I love the fact that the metal hasn't gone to waste as sadly happens with so many broken cymbals. Thank you so much. P.S. I will be in touch shortly about another cymbal I need repairing and have recommended you to countless other drummers I know already.

Will Gates, Session Drummer/Percussionist, London
Just received this morning my 2 cymbals fully repaired by Mark’s team.
Complete ”1st class customer service” from the point of enquiry right through to return and delivery of my treasured Sabian cymbals. Even had the pleasure of call from Mark 36hrs before my cymbals arrived home telling me exactly what was done, achieved and that they had been shipped!!
The reduced 19” AAX Dark crash is still awesome but even better is the 19” AAX extreme China which due to position and size of damage has been retained as a China…and sounds spot-on!
Thank you again, the service & product is worth every penny and I will spread the word in Scotland.

Bruce, Stirling, Scotland
Sabian HHX Evolution
Unbelievable!! I couldn’t be happier with the results. The cymbal is virtually unchanged sound wise and it looks as good as new. I can’t wait to give it a go at the next gig.
And also what service…the best.

Nick Pitcher, Newbury
I can't recommend Cymbal Doctor enough!
I recently won a rare 22" UFIP Ritmo Bounce Ride on eBay and when it arrived I was disappointed to find a minute immature crack just starting to form on the outside edge.
There were other defects too: attempts had been made to smooth out previous flea bites, resulting in a couple of flat spots round the edge.
Despite this, the Ride had a lovely vintage tone to it, reminiscent of the "Bullitt" theme.
The seller agreed a partial refund, and I duly sent the cymbal to The Cymbal Doctor.

They removed no more than the absolute minimum from the circumference, leaving me with a slightly oversized 21" Ride with a perfect machined, then hand-finished edge.
I decided to have it polished too.

The result: a wonderfully washy, yet well-defined, musical-sounding vintage cymbal retaining most if not all of its original character.
I'd certainly use Cymbal Doctor again, though I hope I never need to of course!
They did such a good job I'll even consider buying more damaged cymbals in future!
Great job, Mark - worth every penny!

Rod, Bury St. Edmunds
PAISTE Signature 20" Full Crash reduced to 18" (Pictures 11 before and after) "It looks brilliant, thank you very much"!
Rufus Horne, Abingdon, UK