What Makes Us Different?

In the life of many drummers there is the dreaded moment when they discover a favourite cymbal has developed an outer edge crack. When this happens you immediately start to think about the costs involved in replacing the Cymbal. As we know, semi-professional or professional Cymbals are expensive so there is never a good time to replace them. So is there an alternative solution?
You could try to repair it yourself using one of the methods listed below:


Drilling at the end of the crack we have found only works in the short term as the vibrations/reverberations created after striking the Cymbal will always find the weak point (normally at the drill point where the vibrations will work against each other) and continue the cracking further into the Cymbal.


Cutting or grinding out the crack in the concave manner shown in the diagram at the bottom of the page will still leave a weak spot which the unbalanced reverberations on the struck Cymbal will find and continue the cracking problem.
Cutting or grinding out a wide cut as shown in the diagram will unbalance the Cymbal, severely effecting the sound and will make the area on the opposite, now heavier side of the Cymbal, prone to nearly all of the playing strikes delivered. This will also put added stress on the bell of the Cymbal.


We have found brazing dulls the sound of the Cymbal as the brazed area acts as a dampener and won’t allow the Cymbal to shimmer or reverberate after being struck, as the instrument was intended. The heat generated using this process also permanently discolours the Cymbal normally leaving it with a rainbow effect in the treated area.

We believe the only long term solution to overcome the problem is to precision cut around the complete circumference as shown in the diagram at the bottom of the page, leaving the Cymbal balanced with no weak spots for the crack to develop within.

What Cymbal Doctor offers is a non-stressful, precision engineering method of repair using no heat or abrasive tooling on the Cymbal.
It will be ready to re-introduce to your drum kit setup on its return; the process however will change the sound characteristics of the Cymbal as the overall diameter will be reduced to just beyond the length of the crack. The repair under normal playing conditions though will allow continued use of the instrument far beyond that offered by the other methods mentioned.

For repair prices or any questions, please contact Mark on 07875 149882